Jomtien Guesthouse - Spa-Guesthouse

The Spa Guesthouse is a Jomtien Guesthouse.

The Jomtien Guesthouse "Spa Guesthouse" is very close to Jomtien Beach and only a few kilometers away from Pattaya.
The Jomtien guesthouse has large bright rooms, all featured with private balconies and free WiFi.
The balcony view is from the sea to the inner country.
The spa facilities offers a wide range of relaxing products, like massages, Hot Stones, permanent make-up etc.

Jomtien is in contrast to Pattaya, a resort to relax.
40 square meter rooms with large windows.
Balcony with a 1.7 meter wide glass doors flood the room with daylight.
A desk that you can use the free wifi comfortable, and professionally.
A sitting area with beautifully styled chairs and matching table to invite views into the countryside.
For your convenience, wireless internet access is available in every room free of charge, enabling you to keep in contact with friends and family or business needs.

It is a short walk from the Jomtien Beach, located 2 kilometres from the known Waterpark in Pattaya also.
6 km from the pattaya airport only.
..."The brightness of the rooms and the short distance to the beach were the ones who convinced me of the spa guesthouse jomtien."...



Spa for you by our experienced team.
Thousands of spa clients trust us again and again. Therefore, we are now
moved to a larger spa practice.
Still in Pattaya, just 200 meters from Jomtien Beach.
Jomtien Spa Gusthouse in our 3 spa treatment rooms, you enjoy not only relaxation,
Jacuzzi, massage, and the basics of modern spa are waiting for you.
Mrs Sumanka is a very experienced tattoo artist for eyebrow tatoos.
Mrs. Sumanka is able to repair and improove a poorly-made eyebrow tattoo.
And it is always successful.