The Green Room

Green Room in Jomtien guesthouse. Spa-Guesthouse with big size rooms. Jomtien is beside Pattayal
Jomtien guesthouse room_green

40 square meter guesthoouse room with large windows.
Balcony with a 1.7 meter wide glass doors flood the room with daylight.
A desk that you can use the free wifi comfortable and professionally.
A sitting area with beautifully styled chairs and matching table to invite views into the countryside from the green room in Jomtien Guesthouse Pattaya, Spa-Guesthouse.
Big and lightful and green is the big green room in our jomtien guesthouse, spa guesthoues.


Rooms in Jomtien

Big Rooms in our guesthouse in Jomtien, Pattaya
Big Rooms, about 40 squaremeters all with 3 windows and balkony.
Every Room has windows at 2 different walls.
Very lightful rooms !
So they are well prepared for long-term guests.
Bring light into your live !

Our Guesthouse in Jomtien offers big rooms:
Big Room Green 40sqm
Big Room Blue 40sqm
Big Room Pink 40sqm